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Preparing for an Appraisal - Plan For It
The appraisal needs to come in at a good price in order for your buyer to get his loan.
Quick Introduction To Real Estate Appraisal Methods
There are four basic ways an appraiser can measure the value of your property.Site Valuation, Income Capitalization, Cost Approach, Sales Comparison. Site Valuation  is the value of the land itself ...
What To Expect From Your House Appraisal
Having your house appraised can be a scary step in the moving process, especially if you don’t know what to expect. Will your house pass muster or will they find some hidden defects and problems lurking in the basement and attic? Should you scrub the house clean?
Why Is It That We Need To Price Our Homes Correctly
You would think it would be easy to come up with a perfect price for a home that will be going on the market for sale. For an agent, it usually is easy.
Real Estate Appraisal - Do It Yourself
For single family homes, there are two basic methods used in real estate appraisal. They are replacement cost analysis, and using comparable sales. A third appraisal method, based on capitalization, is used for income properties.
What's An Appraisal?
During the home buying process, you’ll hear the term "appraisal" mentioned at some point. Chances are, you already have a general idea what this term means. But when it comes to mortgages and home buying, you need to know exactly what an appraisal involves and how it affects you.
Essential Tips for Real Estate Appraisals
When you have the perfect home picked out and you know this is the home you want, your lender will require you to have an appraisal upon the request to use the home as security for a loan.
Real Estate Appraisal - Rental Properties
Real estate appraisal for rental properties isn't the same as for single family homes. If you were looking at a 24-unit building, it would be difficult to find similar ones nearby that have recently sold. Therefore, a market analysis using comparable sales isn't normally used.


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