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Make Serious Money from the Bulgarian Property Boom

by Andrew Herbert
Everyone is always looking for an easy way to make serious money but little succeed. To make serious money from small financial investments takes lots of knowledge, experience and pure luck to make wealth.

One sure fire way of making serious profit is property investment but before you click away thinking you know all there is to know about property investment or think you need to invest massive amounts of money then read on as you may be pleasantly surprised at the information contained in this article.

If you have as little as £7,000 to invest in a property then this is the article for you. Bulgaria at present is going through a property boom which is affecting almost all areas of the country. Thousands of UK & Irish people have already taken advantage of available cheap Bulgarian property to make unbelievable profits.

An initial outlay of £7,000 will get you a modest sized property in need of some minor renovation which will cost you in the region of £3000 extra. For the total price of £10,000 will give you a completely modernised, medium sized building which on the open market to UK investors will fetch anywhere up to £40,000.

£40,000 for a family sized house with land attached is still cheap by UK standards and these properties are selling fast over the internet and to overseas investors on vacation. The overseas property boom for the Bulgarian property is being currently marketed all over the UK and has been documented to overtaken the Spanish property market this year.

Why do I need to invest now?

Bulgaria is about enter the European Union in early 2007, historically all new entries into the EU all display outstanding property price rises as inward investment and rejuvenation always follow with thousands more jobs for the countries people resulting in prosperity.

With more money comes the requirement for property, as the prices head upwards then mortgages become available which open up a new gigantic property Market for nationals. This is set to happen in 2007 with the National Bulgarian banks offering attractive mortgage rates for the first time in its history.

So what we will see in the next few years will be an explosive Bulgarian property Market for overseas investors and Bulgarian nationals all wanting property for purchase and rental possibilities.

If you invest now, you can look to expect in the next years a possible 200% profit increase on cheap Bulgarian property purchased. If you hold onto these properties then it has been estimated that in less than five years you could see a conservative estimate of nearly 400% profit.

Add on rental income from any property and you could be looking at a serious amount of money in a short amount of time.

For additional expert tips & advice on how to source and purchase low priced Bulgarian property,click here on our link below or in the resource box on this article


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