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Buying House


Creating a List Before You Go House Hunting

by Raynor James
Nothing is worse than buying a home only to realize you don’t like it. Creating a checklist before you go house hunting can help prevent this situation.

Creating a List Before You Go House Hunting

Finding the perfect home can be both a grueling and incredibly euphoric task. It is a rare day indeed when the first home you look at is the magic one. Instead, you are going to do a lot of driving and rolling of the eyes. As this process continues, you can lose sight of the goal and get frustrated. The next thing you know, you own a home that ultimately isn’t really what you were after. Welcome to the concept of buyer’s remorse.

What is buyer’s remorse? It is a nightmare. It is sitting in a home you paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for and wondering what you could have been thinking. Since turning around and selling it immediately probably does not make financial sense, you are stuck.

One way to beat buyer’s remorse is to focus on your goal. The first step to house hunting is not to go look at houses. It is to sit down and make a checklist. The checklist should include a wide variety of things. On the positive side, it should include a list of things you like including particular home styles, locations, layouts and those particular little things you want such as a workshop or whatever. Once you have the list of positives, you are half way there.

You should also create a negative section for your list. This should include elements that you absolutely do not want in the home you are going to buy. Items can include the location in relation to major roads, particular styles, layouts, yard size, garages and so on. The point is to get everything you don’t want on the list.

Once you have a master list, you must stick to it. Discipline is the key. If you find a home that has everything, but is located one house from a high traffic road, don’t make an offer. Don’t be tempted! Stick to your checklist! If you find a great home in a bad area, move on.

Your list should be like a religious document to you. Stick to the guidelines you have put down and you stand a very good chance of avoiding buyer’s remorse. Stray from it and you have nobody to blame but yourself.

Raynor James is with FSBO America - save money when selling and buying with FSBO homes for sale by owner.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Raynor_James

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