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How To Make Big Profits By Flipping Real Estate
What is "flipping", you may ask? In this article we will cover this little understood aspect of the real estate market so that you will have an understanding of the term.
Quick Introduction To Real Estate Appraisal Methods
There are four basic ways an appraiser can measure the value of your property.Site Valuation, Income Capitalization, Cost Approach, Sales Comparison. Site Valuation  is the value of the land itself ...
Raw Land and Real Estate Markets
Despite the collapse in the real estate market for new housing starts and the bursted bubble in so many of America’s largest real estate market not all real estate has slowed to bargain basement prices
Effective Real Estate Marketing Strategies
Congratulations! It's official. You're finally a licensed real estate agent. So, what do you do now? Newly licensed real estate agents all over the country face the same dilemma; life after real estate agent licensing exams.
Profit From Commercial Real Estate Investments
Property investors have now turned their attention towards the lucrative deals presented by the commercial properties. This sudden interest is the result of the option to diversify your property investment portfolio, along with a high income and tax breaks. However, it is advisable to conduct a research before taking the plunge
Buying a House is a Great Investment in Yourself
Over and over, you hear or read that buying a house is a great long term investment. This is absolutely true, but more importantly it is an investment in yourself.
10 Things You Must Do Before You Put Your House Up For Sale
Buying a house usually is at the top of the list of most couples or any individual that knows the value of having a beautiful and sturdy home that could last a lifetime of wear and tear from its owner.
Confessions of a Real Estate Agent
So You Want to Be a Real Estate Agent? There's the persistent myth that the real estate business is an instant money-generating, easy treasure trove. Well, it is, but with hard work, patience, and best of luck.
Property Investment: Being a Good Manager
Property investment is still a growing market. Now you’ve decided to join that market and you need money to help you with your investment. There are a number of methods of investment property finance but investment property loans tend to be the most popular.


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